How to you will gain much more if betting Bitcoin

The bitcoin is increasingly used on the Internet, and not just to gamble. Interest in this digital currency is growing daily, as evidenced by its increasing value and capitalization. The number of applications and online stores that accept it is increasingly numerous, and among them of course the online bookmakers are counted. In fact, the bitcoin stakes are the ideal way to make sports betting.

To bet online, the bitcoin is better than the dollar. Better than the euro. Better than weight, crown or sterling. And as a safe haven for many it is even better than gold.

So if you intend to get serious about this bet, you better read this article with great care. We guarantee that the way you planters your football betting, NBA, tennis or any other sport competition will never be the same.
What it is Bitcoin and why its use and value are rising

The Bitcoin is a digital currency. The technical details of what the bitcoin behind it are a bit complicated to explain and go beyond the goal of a betting blog like this. Still, we give a few strokes to understand how it works and how it benefits bettors.

To get an idea, the bitcoin is generated virtually in Internet very safely by following encryption algorithms complex. These protocols ensure that the amount of movement increases bitcoins in a very controlled manner. Thus, their number tends asymptotically to stabilize.

Now bitcoins is still created, but more and more slowly. And there will come a date when for all practical purposes no more bitcoins. This is very different from what happens with fiat currencies governing central banks like the European Central Bank or the Federal Reserve, where the amount of money in the market increases indefinitely. Central banks injected huge amounts restlessly euros and dollars into the system. This makes the money denominated in these currencies will lose value continuously.

However, this does not happen with Bitcoin. Their limited number guarantees its value. In fact, look at the chart how it has evolved its price in the last year: it has doubled in value
The explanation is simple: Bitcoin is an increasingly scarce commodity, while more and more dollars. In our view, the Bitcoin bet that will go up is a bet with positive expected value :).

Those who know a lot about crypto currency call. This is because it uses powerful encryption methods to ensure that transactions are very safe. And the particular way it works makes all public although individual operations are encrypted. Thus transparency and security is guaranteed, but also the anonymity of those involved in them remains.
Finally, another feature of the most interesting is that today, governments do not consider it as a currency in itself. Just as we shall see below, this is a huge interest when it comes to sports betting.

Advantages of sports betting with Bitcoins

Essentially, sports betting in bitcoins gives us four very important in our operational benefits that make it very attractive if you really want to go beyond pure entertainment and want to make real money:
Privacy: bitcoins bet allows us to ensure that our operations are anonymous. The bookmaker works with a direction in which collect and pay the bitcoins, something like a numbered account in a Swiss bank. No one will know who we are.

Taxation: the bitcoin is not considered legal tender a currency, so when we win we will not be making money. Perhaps if we should pay our taxes when we transform the bitcoins in euros or dollars if we had gains. But in the meantime, we will save the tax benefits taxed in sports betting. Note that although being private transactions Hacienda not know, this does not exclude that if we have our obligation we should also pay taxes. However, that time is delayed until processing into currency.

Inter-nationality and market breadth: in Spain and many other countries the tax legislation requires players to bet on betting discharged in the country. This substantially limits many chances to bet, especially finding safe bets and arbitration, and affects the effective spread we support. The bitcoin is a very interesting way to bypass this limitation. Anonymity prevents transactions betting know his nationality. With bitcoin, bettors around the world can play again among them.

Chance of being a winner: if you're a good tipster, it is very likely that you ever have limited. If you are one of those forecasters of success that are right more times than fail, and you also get large sums of money on your bets, it is possible that you have faced the unpleasant experience of finding that after a certain number of successful operations, bookmaker only lets you play relatively small numbers. It is what is known in the scene as a limitation. Bitcoin good it is that with a little skill, you can prevent the bookmaker know you're the same bettor in your operations and will prevent you limit. Bitcoin gambling houses as DirectBet know, and it openly announce winners are welcome.

How to bet with Bitcoins

Betting on bitcoins is very easy. Due to the inherent privacy payment method it does not make sense for betting collect personal information. The usual procedures to confirm the identity sending copies of identification documents and address many houses are completely unnecessary demand. Registration is immediate, and after discharge the user can start to play.

On the other hand, the bitcoin itself is a method of payment. Therefore, in many bitcoin gambling houses it is not necessary to make deposits. Of course, you need an electronic wallet or purse bitcoin to manage your income and make payments. But it is very easy to get one, for example enblockchain. In a few minutes you can start trading
How to you will gain much more if betting Bitcoin

Some bookies Bitcoin

Although we will review in more detail, we leave below links to a few bookmakers that allow you to bet with Bitcoins:

• DirectBet: its motto is to welcome the winners, so if you have ever experienced any limitations, will appreciate his philosophy
• BetCoin: of the largest houses in bitcoin sportsbook offers a wide variety of bets
• CloudBet: excellent welcome bonuses, if you're starting may be a great choice
• BitBet: bets on almost any subject. If not only sports betting but you like to bet on several other issues such as who will be the next president of the United States or how to evolve the price of Bitcoin, this is an excellent choice
• Nitrogen Sports: Sportsbook, casino and poker, a full, wide and varied betting offer with a very careful interface
In conclusion

The advantages of bitcoin over traditional currencies are unquestioned, so if you're considering be a serious bettor worth it to consider. The only issue that perhaps might make you doubt is their lack of official support. For us, precisely there they lie their strengths and value guarantee and privacy. And the bet, the advantages of bitcoin bets are indisputable.

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